Are you in  a process?

You know that some kind of era has come to an end.

And that behind those clouds, there is the sun and blue sky.

And you have already made a decision to live under blue sky every day.

That is just a metaphor. But you know what I mean. That means, you have started to long for more. You aspire to be something. But you might not realize yet, that to be something means to become yourself. To release yourSELF from a prison of expectations of others which you have adapted as yours. And from a prison of rules and regulations, prescriptions and instructions, made for other people in other societies, but which we drag with us into a new era as a society as whole. That itchy feeling is awakening of your soul, and even if it does not feel comfortable at this moment, – this is for good!

At such a moment, so many women run into a problem. Because not always the system around you, the partner, spouse or culture feel the same about you as you do about yourself. They will not understand your new manners or expression of desires. That is painful, but it is ok. Because everybody is awakened in their own time and in their own way. As the saying goes – everybody becomes crazy in their own way. Just kidding.

I made a fun, educational and relaxing journal for women in long term relationships, married or living together with a partner.  This is 3-in-one: coloring book, text book, and each day there is a prompt for a journal. I did not write a big fat text book on relationships, even if I would have a temptation to do it. One – because I dislike to read long text books myself. But I can and love to do a very short text with a big impact. Second – because I believe, that the main job is done in your own soul. I do not need to write anything long, explaining in details. Because you understand yourself everything better, and you just need some guidance, something inspirational, to be able to get unto the next level you aspire to.

If you buy this Relationship Guide For Married Women: Your 30-Day Journal,then, please, contact me atmy emailjournaling gintair@gmail.com, and I will give you a FREE complementary coaching while you will go through this journal! It is exclusive, and this offer will not last forever, just for 10 ladies this year!